Goreme Turkey

Had a tasty kebab after the pub last night and my mind turned to another place I ate tasty kebab. Goreme in Central Turkey with its ancient abandoned cities in the rocks The amazing tracks and walk through caves, towns underground, in the night relax and watch Whirling Dervishes.

Places I Love – Cappadocia Turkey

A place that I truly love is Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, so much so I've been there twice. With its underground cities, fairy chimney shaped rocks and ancient towns it's truly fascinating and unique. When Covid is over it's well worth the visit

Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 2

And concluding my improved skillset while roaming the planet. Hopefully can get back out in the road again soon Practicing the ancient art of hand puppettry in central turkey Demonstrating my mad artistic skills at the Cadillac ranch Armadillo USA Taste testing at the Cape of Good Hope South Africa Earning my Padi in the … Continue reading Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 2

Places I Love – Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Inside Hagia Sophia, once a Cathedral then a Mosque it was changed to a Museum in 1934. It is now being changed back to a Mosque, no matter its purpose it's a beautiful structure.

Places I Love – Cappadocia Turkey

All those black dots in the rocks are actually houses built thousands of years ago. This is Cappadocia in Central Turkey including amazing rock foundations and underground cities. I love visiting Turkey