Places I Love – Weston-super-Mare England

Here is another lovely and quaint English beachside town Weston-super-Mare in Sommerset which is a few miles from Bristol…. and that cheeky bugger of a seagull stole my chips

Places I Love – Whitby England

Not only does the Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby have an Land Rover ice-cream truck on the beach, it’s also the home of Captain James Cook. What’s really cool is it’s also the home of Bram Stoker, the lady with the handbag is actually Dracula 🧛

Places I Love – Grand Canyon USA

When you wake up, go for brekky and this is outside the window, you lose focus on your coffee.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Places I Love – Beartooth Pass USA

Early in the morning I found myself standing at the edge of a glacier viewing the mountains of Montana. This is the top of Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone National Park is in the opposite direction

The Dream

Here is a map of some epic National Parks in the USA, a 14,000 mile roadtrip Won’t be this year but will do it one day when this Covid mess is in the dustbin.