Sahara Morocco

Someone mentioned I should try dating on The Internet, no idea how that could possibly work but did come up with a bio.

Hi I’m Dave and on weekends I like to adorn myself in blue headress. I prefer horseback but this time I compromised with camel, I love trying new things. I think to set the perfect mood is a ride at sunset and of course the end of the evening dinner at my favourite restaurant. Come and join me

Bathurst Easter

First hit up Berry Market for some rhubarb and lemon spread. Then time to channel the inner hoon doing trackwork around the local racetrack and finally a family photo at sunset. Still rather be by the beach for Easter but Bathurst ain’t so bad…. I think

Daytona Florida

Cruising down to Daytona Beach for the day. First to kick it and rip it in a Nascar then onto Joe’s Crab Shack for PBR beer and fried squid and last but not least Dunkin’ Donuts, the Florida police forces favourite hang out. It t’was 2017 and I do like to go fast.

Yerevan Armenia

Walking past the Soviet style statue wielding a broadsword surrounded by missiles then down to the almost abandoned fun park. I then found myself heading down the Yerevan Cascade stairs, it’s so pretty I came back at night to take a picture. Then had a coffee with Kim Kardashian, the Cascade was the highlight

Almaty Kazakhstan

I love Kazakhstan in the winter, the multi coloured cathederal Acsesion that brightens up the park. Going for an ice skate at the Olympic ring blasting out techno is so much fun. The famous Beatles memorial in bronze, they may never have gotten there but I sure did. Soviet style statues of spheres and horses 🐴 and of course at the end of day meet with Borat and share a cup of horse milk. Kazakhstan rules.