Panama City Beach

Didn't get up to much, this was my stop off after partying in New Orleans and on my way to Tampa. Went for a swim and watched the sunset.

New Orleans Bye for Now

Random photos walking around the French Quarter mostly. Drinking coffee, eating Cajun, listening to live music and drinking cocktails. Need to hit that Carnival one day.

New Orleans at Dusk

One of the most beautiful strolls you can take in a city, New Orleans at around 8pm. Drinks are being poured, fortune tellers are reading palms and music is booming away.

New Orleans Paddle Steamer Emergency

Started crusing down the Mississippi in New Orleans when there was an emergency. Unfortunately the Captain stubbed his toe so with my skills as a General Purpose Hand Seaman (near coastal) I volunteered to step in and save the day. I drove the boat until the crew could find a band-aid and fix the Captain's … Continue reading New Orleans Paddle Steamer Emergency

Clarksdale Mississippi

Clarksdale is the birth place of the Blues and is the hometown of many famous Blues Musicians such as Sam Cooke and Ike Turner. This bar is owned by Morgan Freeman and is the most popular in town. It's also where the Cross Roads is located where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil … Continue reading Clarksdale Mississippi