Photo highlights from my time in Marrakech, it’s crazy hectic, an eye opener and a lot of fun. Hope to have a blog out in a week or two


Roaming Seoul South Korea

Heading into the Sahara desert this afternoon, thought I’d reblog about another place I’ve been to earlier this year on my Roam around the world in 2019, hope you enjoy and will try and get a blog out about Morocco soon, happy travels

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading my website at you would be aware that I have been blogging about previous adventures across the USA, specifically 2012. Ill also write further about other experiences in the USA and other countries I have been to, at this point now 72. I am now sitting in my accommodation in Almaty Kazakhstan and thought Id cover my four days in Seoul South Korea.

Seoul South Korea is the first new country I have visited roaming in 2019 and I was not really sure what to expect, Tip If unsure about a place always best to check into a hostel over a hotel, more likely to meet other travelers and helpful hostel staff. The hostel had already provided me details on how to get there from the airport which is actually simple enough as there is a railway that runs into the centre of Seoul…

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April to June 2019 – Two Months in Lagos Portugal

Chilling out in Lagos Portugal for the past 2 months, beaches, walking the old town, kayaking, bars and nightclubs.... well maybe its not all chilling. Hope you enjoy the blog