Roadtrip Australia 2023 Victor Harbour

Time to say goodbye Victor Harbour. Enjoyed your lovely sunrises, amazing coastline and the latest in South Australia'a public transport system 🐴 woof woof

Roadtrip Australia 2023 Limestone Coast

Woke up in th car at sunrise, battled a giant lobster, roadtripped along the Coorong and managed to make the ferry.

Roadtrip Australia 2023 Robe

This is Robe South Australia, along the Limestone Coast. Great place for beaching, jogging and also where "Bathrobe" were first manufactured. A hidden gem

Roadtrip Australia 2023 Mount Gambier

This is Mount Gambier with it's beautiful twin lakes, one is an irredecent blue. Kind of like a blue toilet cake in your loo

Roadtrip Australia 2023 Portland

This is Portland, not the Portland I love in Oregan with lovely beers, tattoo parlours and music, this one is in Victoria. Decided to camp (park illegally at the beach for the night)