I love Iceland with its showering waterfalls, glacier hikes, floating snow and huge ice cubes for my bouborn and coke. Go check it out

Budapest Hungary

Better than Lockdown Sydney is Budapest in the summer with its pretty Parliament House and Buda Castle views. It’s Buda, not Buddha by the way. It’s a great place to have a bath after a night out in a “Ruin Bar” and if super keen check out the Statue Park. This statue is of Australian cricketer and slip fielder Mark “Tubby” Taylor 😉 Have a good day

Krakow Poland

Ahh Krakow where you find yourself in dark caverns with crystal chandeliers. Street signs that cause confusion (I believe the sign says girls can’t cross the street with a balloon) and  the Central Square with many amazing buildings. There is Wawel Cathedral overlooking this charming city, be sure to check it out.

Mostar Bosnia

Oddly enough instead of spending my days in Sydney Covid lockdown I’d rather be in Bosnia. Chilling at temple with a cuppa tea then going for a belly flop off the Old Bridge. Hiking up the mountain to take in the view from the local village and then a shower at the waterfall. Bosnia where all your dreams can come true