Places I Love – Lagos Portugal

Surf was up last year in my favourite small town in the world, this Lagos on the Algarve in Portugal, when Covid is over reckon I’ll head back

Places I Love – Death Road Bolivia

After a “solid” night out in LA Paz what better way to spend the day than a gentle cycle down Death Road. An bike 80km ride down a sketchy track through the Bolivian jungle

Places I Love – Monteverde Costa Rica

Heading out across the lake to horse ride in some amazing forest around Monteverde

Places I Love – South Rim Grand Canyon

After posting photos of the North Rim yesterday I thought I’d post photos of the South Rim. Far more accessible and more viewpoints the Grand Canyon has epic views.

Places I Love – North Rim Grand Canyon

This is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Lodge sits on the rim and us a great places to chill out, take in the view and watch the sunset. The steaks are fantastic too.