Places I Love – South Africa

I continued my 2 week journey along South Africa’s southern region sipping wine, patting an elephant, coastal walks and rocky waterfalls

Endless Roaming – South Africa

Thought I’d post a few photos of an amazing place I haven’t talked about much. South of Capetown is some amazing countryside along the Cape of Good Hope. Beware the baboons

Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 2

And concluding my improved skillset while roaming the planet. Hopefully can get back out in the road again soon

Practicing the ancient art of hand puppettry in central turkey
Demonstrating my mad artistic skills at the Cadillac ranch Armadillo USA
Taste testing at the Cape of Good Hope South Africa
Earning my Padi in the sea of Borneo
Demonstrating my Torvill and Dean skills on the Ice Skating Ring in Kazakhstan
Taming wild animals off the coast of Belize

Places I Love – Cape of Good Hope South Africa

One of the most magnificent coastal drives, the Cape of Good Hope is spectacular

Knysna South Africa

Walking the elephant