February 2019 – Roaming Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Reposting some of my earlier adventures in 2019, if you haven’t read this hope you enjoy some of my highlights from Kuala Lumpur

Endless Roaming

If you’re have been reading my website at endlessroaming.com you would be aware that I have been blogging about previous adventures across the USA, specifically 2012. I’ll also write further about further experiences in the USA and other countries I have visited, at this point the count is 71. I am now sitting in an airport in Kuala Lumpur waiting for an airline flight to Borneo, so figure it’s a perfect time to blog about this city and maybe offer a few TravelTips, so here goes…

Tip 1 – Upon arrival at the Kuala Lumper airport first of all I did what any global traveller should do, I swapped out my sim card at a shop for a local card, if you are not in the in the habit of doing this I suggest it strongly as the Telco’s at the airport almost always understand English and will…

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Roaming Iceland – September 2016

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading endlessroaming.com you are aware that I have been blogging about previous adventures across the USA as well as currently Roaming the globe in 2019. I have based myself in Lagos Portugal for the time being, rather than write about this which I intend to get to I thought Id cover some previous adventures, starting with Iceland in 2016, fingers crossed I manage to nail the spelling of all the places I visited.

Iceland is a place that I knew little about, easily accessible from Europe I thought it would be a good time to take it in while I was traveling in 2016. Id heard that it was an amazing place to visit so I figured Id go and see what the fuss was all about. Id planned a five-day adventure across the country, being an experienced solo traveler, I figured it would…

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