I really enjoyed spending a lazy Sunday touring NASA back in 2017. It’s an amazing tour with loads of interesting exhibits including this photo of the Atlanta space shuttle.

“I’ll be back” *Terminator

Albuquerque New Mexico

Ahhh Albuquerque where you can find yourself lost in the desert standing in front of a B52. Where you can get a taxi ride from the “Breaking Bad” tv series tour to an evening of listening and learning about catfishing. The following morning finding yourself surrounded by air balloons as maybe you took the Breaking Bad tour too far. See you again one day

Roswell New Mexico

I love to drive through the New Mexico desert, pull into Allsups for supplies “Pickle in a bag” and S’mores. Then head to Carlsbad Caverns and let’s face it, if you haven’t been there you haven’t been to a cavern. Hit up Roswell for alien research at the UFO Museum, full of fun facts, it was built by a guy who found a crashed flying saucer in 1947. Don’t forget the Very Large Array where you can chat with an alien over the radio.

The truth is out there

Detroit Michigan

Love Detroit with the sunset on the river. The vibrant art scene with the Institute and the Glass House. The Fisher building made of marble and it’s run down places. 2017 and hope to get back there to see the changes going on.

Nashville Tennessee

I love Nashville visiting the Grand Ole Opry where Country music started, Country Museum Hall of Fame with its interesting exhibits. Onto the Titans for a game then boot skooting and moonshine at one of the many Honky Tonks on Broadway. Mix of photos from 2012, 2014 and 2017