Roaming Essaouira

This is my final installment from Roaming about Morocco, finally made it to the coast for some shopping, beach and a hidden bar behind a big black ominous door, Essaouira proves to be another highlight, hope you enjoy


A few photo highlights from my unplanned trip to Ireland, over Holyhead through Dublin and onto Galway. Next stop Dingle and hope to have a blog out soon

Roaming the Sahara

Hello my adventure through the Sahara, from the bus through the Atlas Mountains, experiencing Game of Thrones city, visiting Dades Gorge, camel riding and sunrise on the Sahara. Not to forget the loneliest toilet in the world and visiting Tattooine on another world. Such a lovely experience and hope you enjoy the blog. PS if you have any travel ideas let me know, heading out of the UK in a few weeks and its either East or West.....

March 2019 – Roaming Kazakhstan

Currently relaxing in Chester Northern England and writing my second blog on Morocco. In the meantime thought I’d re post an earlier highlight on my Roam in 2019 so if you haven’t seen it before this is my blog from Kazakhstan, the cities of Almaty and the newly renamed Nur Sultan, previously Astana which is what it was called up until 3 days after I flew out, hope you enjoy

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading my website at you would be aware that I have been blogging about previous adventures across the USA, specifically 2012. Ill also write further about other experiences in the USA and other countries I have been to, at this point in 73. I am now sitting on a train roaming from Tbilisi to Batumi Georgia and writing about my experiences in Kazakhstan and its two major cities, Almaty and the city formerly known as Astana

I had little idea about the country of Kazakhstan, I know a few travelers that have participated in bike journeys though a collection of countries known as the “Stans” along the Silk Highway though Central Asia but my knowledge was very limited. Id decided on Kazakhstan for a few reasons, one that it was quite modernised in comparison to some of the surrounding countries…

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