Places I Love – Phuket Thailand

Away from the “party” that is Phuket you can find some peace and quiet

Place I Love – Glacier National Park USA

A little piece of rock art in Glacier National Park early dawn. It’s all so peaceful and blue

Places I Love – Camden Market England

Out of all the markets in the world the one I love the most is Camden Market in North London. It’s historic, diverse in everyway imaginable, has canal boats and an amazing selection of vintage products. If you love “Retro” it’s the place to be.

Places I Love – Aït Benhaddou Morrocco

Sporting my fashionable Bedouin Tagelmust whilst exploring the maze (I am that yob tourist that likes to dress up)

Places I Love – Aït Benhaddou Morrocco

Standing in the doorway for some respite from the desert sun at the ancient fortress city of Aït Benhaddou. It lies in the Atlas Mountains guarding the historical Silk Road