I love Borneo where you can dive in the crystal blue waters, then eating fish at the market. Where you find the stinking corpse flower that blooms every 7 years or so. Walking through the jungle then over it on a suspension bridge then experiencing a dark orange sunset. All the colours are brilliant, the … Continue reading Borneo


Sunset on 2020

As the sunsets on 2020 which for the most I'd consider a good thing, I've put together a few sunsets taken while "Roaming" the Globe in years past. Looking forward to 2021 when we can all get out there once again.

Places I Love – Borneo

In a year or two when it's safe to do planning to hit the road again for a little while. When you can and got an inclining to travel do yourself a favour and head to Borneo, the diving is magic and sunset is something special

Places I Love – Borneo

As I trekked through the jungle past amazing wildlife, the blooming stinking corpse flower and along the canopy walk, all I could think was ... I really need a beard trim

Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 2

And concluding my improved skillset while roaming the planet. Hopefully can get back out in the road again soon Practicing the ancient art of hand puppettry in central turkey Demonstrating my mad artistic skills at the Cadillac ranch Armadillo USA Taste testing at the Cape of Good Hope South Africa Earning my Padi in the … Continue reading Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 2