Places I Love – Galway Ireland

My boat won’t make it to the other side of Galway Bay

Places I Love – Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An lights up at night with thousands of street lamps brightening the town. Here is a small sample

Places I Love – Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Inside Hagia Sophia, once a Cathedral then a Mosque it was changed to a Museum in 1934. It is now being changed back to a Mosque, no matter its purpose it’s a beautiful structure.

Places I Love – The Colosseum

One of the world’s greatest ancient wonders, the Roman Colosseum

Places I Love – The Louvre at Sunset

Sadly due to Covid recently Qantas Airlines has mothballed it’s long-haul its fleet and is making airline staff redundant. While Australia hopes to have domestic travel up and running sometime soon it could be years until a vaccine for Covid is found, if one is found. Meaning it will be a while until overseas travel is once again realised.

I’ve decided to post a photo a Day of places Ive been fortunate to visit around the world. This will also keep my website content fresh until that next trip. The first photo is of my favourite museum, the Louvre in Paris, France. Since 1999 I’ve visited Paris 4 times and my favourite photo is of the Pyramid outside the Louvre during a purple dusk.

Take care everyone and fingers crossed we can all get out there and start traveling once again soon.