1000 Kms or 600 Miles

I’ll have some context in the next few days, this is a snapshot of what I go up to today after escaping Vegas. You’re welcome to take a guess at these places, here is a few clues

1 By the Rivers of Babylon

2 Rhymes with Rice

3 XXXX Saints

4 I’ll be your Pal

5 🐴


6 thoughts on “1000 Kms or 600 Miles

  1. Okay, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Utah dessert, Glen Canyon, Horseshoe Bend. A lot of place in the west look alike. You are covering a lot of territory. Lakes in the West have been in the news lately due to low water levels, but rain is expected. Yellowstone was flooded, Giant Sequois are burning in Yosemite. Sad what climate change is doing to these legendary places. Hope I’m right about Bryce. That is my favorite park. Are you going to Grand Canyon?

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    1. Not this time been to the Grand Canyon a few times and some of these other parks it’s my first. Might get to Yosemite and Yellowstone but that will be the backend of this trip, Im heading to Texas tomorrow then east

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