Places I Love – South Rim Grand Canyon

After posting photos of the North Rim yesterday I thought I’d post photos of the South Rim. Far more accessible and more viewpoints the Grand Canyon has epic views.

Places I Love – North Rim Grand Canyon

This is the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Lodge sits on the rim and us a great places to chill out, take in the view and watch the sunset. The steaks are fantastic too.

Places I Love – Grand Canyon USA

When you wake up, go for brekky and this is outside the window, you lose focus on your coffee.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Places I Love – The Grand Canyon Arizona USA

It doesn’t get more epic than the Grand Canyon, this was taken in 2016.

Places I Love – Horseshoe Bend Arizona USA

There is nothing like Horseshoe Bend, it takes a while to drive there but is well worth it