Monument Valley National Park

The first image is actually "Forest Gump Point" it's from the scene when Forest was walking across America. The other images are from Monument Valley, it takes a couple of hours to drive the Loop around the park. It's also bloody hot.

Antelope Canyon

This is Antelope Canyon just outside of Page in Arizona. The Navajo tour guide indicated that antelopes used to live there but then they moved away. That's about all I got regarding the history of the place (guess I can use Google) what was more useful were some tips on taking photos using a camera … Continue reading Antelope Canyon


Horseshoe Bend

This is Horseshoe Bend, I was last here in 2016. It has not changed at all. If you're visiting Lake Powell or Antelope Canyon then you might as well stop by here. As you can see it's pretty special and a great place for selfies.

Lake Powell National Park

This is Lake Powell, I've not been here before. I was totally impressed with the dam and the huge ass Rock (aptly named Lone Rock) that stands alone. I also got bogged drive to the rock but managed to use my bush skills to get myself out of trouble.

1000 Kms or 600 Miles

I'll have some context in the next few days, this is a snapshot of what I go up to today after escaping Vegas. You're welcome to take a guess at these places, here is a few clues 1 By the Rivers of Babylon 2 Rhymes with Rice 3 XXXX Saints 4 I'll be your Pal … Continue reading 1000 Kms or 600 Miles