Arches National Park

This is Arches National Park outside of Moab in Utah, a few hours or so north of Monument Valley. I spent the entire day there driving and hiking, all the jogging I've been doing is really paying off. I think I managed to see each of the arches and get myself a suntan.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Cool thing about Bryce is I didn't need to worry about hiking permits. Can still hike amongst the rocks. It's all very orange, I wore a matching tshirt and got sunburnt to blend in.

Zion National Park

It's been 10 years since I've driven through Zion, now you need a permit to hike Angels Landing which is bollox, however the drive is spectacular.

1000 Kms or 600 Miles

I'll have some context in the next few days, this is a snapshot of what I go up to today after escaping Vegas. You're welcome to take a guess at these places, here is a few clues 1 By the Rivers of Babylon 2 Rhymes with Rice 3 XXXX Saints 4 I'll be your Pal … Continue reading 1000 Kms or 600 Miles


Bryce Canyon

Preparing for my upcoming trip which will include visiting parks such as Bryce Canyon. Its all so orange and blue, bring water as its hot out there. Can't wait to see it again