Roaming Istanbul Turkey

I’ve arrived back home in Australia safe and sound. While I play catch up on the blogging I thought I’d repost and earlier part of my Roam in 2019, Istanbul Turkey

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading my website at you would be aware that I have been blogging about previous adventures across the USA, specifically 2012. Ill also write further about other experiences in the USA and other countries I have traveled. I am now in Lagos, Portugal blogging about about my brief four day visit to Istanbul.

This is actually my third trip to Istanbul so the city is familiar to me, I came here 20 years previously and 10 years previously so in a way I was doing my decade anniversary of sorts. On both my previous trips Id spent a while in Turkey exploring the countryside as well as Istanbul, this time however I had only four days before heading to my next destination in Rome so here are some highlights of my brief time.

Istanbul has a population of approximately 15 million people, sitting…

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3 thoughts on “Roaming Istanbul Turkey

  1. Hey Dave,
    Thanks so much for following Travel Bugg. I really love the look of your blog and the stories you’re sharing. I just got back from a trip to Turkey, and it was one of my favorite countries I’ve visited. Looking forward to reading more!


  2. Hey Ashleigh,

    I enjoyed your blog, Turkey is great isn’t it. I’ve spent quite a while over there, I think the longest was travelling around for roughly two months, it was a while ago but I hope to write about it one day.

    Happy travels 🙂


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