Leaving Broken Hill

These are the last of my photos in and around my recent trip to Broken Hill. After fixing my car I safely made it back to my hometown of Newtown. You can read about it at https://endlessroaming.com/2020/06/10/travel-in-times-of-covid-heading-for-broken-hill/ The first photo is a full moon going down early dawn. The rest are "The Living "Desert", a … Continue reading Leaving Broken Hill


Photos from Broken Hill Mine

Photos from the top of Broken Hill Mine. I've included a few sunset shits, the town in the background and possibly the world's largest bench seat We like oversized tourist attractions in Australia, Big Pineapple it Big Banana anyone

The Palace Hotel Broken Hill

This hotel was made famous in the Australian Classic movie "Priscilla Queen of the Desert". The artwork throughout the hotel is distinctly Australia and very unique. It's a good place to also grab a beer or two.

Photos of Silverton The Ghost Town Near Broken Hill

This little ghost town has a pub, a few galleries, graveyard and is the home of the Mad Max Museum. It also has the Mundi Mundi Lookout with a view of the seemingly endless Outback desert Artistic Ute The Mad Max Museum Graveyard The pub Drought riverbed Mundi Mundi Lookout

Photos On the Way to Broken Hill and Arriving

A few photos from the road in the way to Broken Hill and Pro Hart's art gallery You can read the blog at https://endlessroaming.com/2020/06/10/travel-in-times-of-covid-heading-for-broken-hill/ Parkes Antenna array There is actually a Bogans Gate (Bogan means redneck in Australian) Parked my car after avoiding a kangaroo on an Outback road Pro Harts art gallery including his … Continue reading Photos On the Way to Broken Hill and Arriving