Roaming Iceland – September 2017

Working on finishing up my blog about Roaming the globe in 2019 which I hope to publish soon. In the meantime Roaming Iceland 2016, Volcanoes, mountains, hot springs, icebergs, beaches, glaciers the list goes. There is also Reykjavik, Iceland bands, an incest dating app and bad timing (dam you Justin Bieber). Hope you enjoy the read.


Roaming the USA – Reno to Yosemite

As my Roam comes to a conclusion next I travel to Reno in Nevada, head to the beach in Lake Tahoe and drive about Yosemite National Park. Heading to Las Vegas, not long to go.

Roaming the USA – Heading to Yellowstone and Flipping a Coin

Continuing my road trip across the USA, this time heading over Beartooth Pass into Yellowstone for an amazing day, then flipping a coin to see where to next, hope you enjoy the read, feedback always welcome

Australia and its Fires

As a nature lover, I have been horrified by what is happening during the Australia bush fire season. I consider myself to be a travel writer and rarely engage in political discussion but I have found myself distressed with what has gone on within the county but also all the discussion, exaggeration and slandering that … Continue reading Australia and its Fires

Roaming the USA 2019 – Bend to Spokane

Thought I should get one more blog in before the end of 2019. These are highlights from my trip through Oregan into Washington State, the Bend Brewers Fest, Mt Hood, Columbia Gorge, Stonehenge (seriously), Walla Walla and finally Spokane, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year