Places I Love – ACL Austin Texas USA

3 years ago to the day I headed to one of my favourite places, Austin Texas. Added to that the ACL Festival was on, the music sensational and an amazing vibe as the sun set. These pictures contain just two of many amazing bands I saw on the weekend I was there, the Foals during the day and Radiohead at night. When Covid is over I’m going back. Anyone’s welcome to meet up 🍺🎸


12 thoughts on “Places I Love – ACL Austin Texas USA

    1. Hey, Emily. merry Christmas to you and families, I hope you are having a great day as well!!!, I’m so sorry for bouncing into your privacy without your concept, I feel overwhelm when I saw your profile, it would be so nice having you as a good friend in trust honest and sincerity, although we just know each other, don’t know if it’s comfortable with you, kindly add me up on Google hangouts Thanks,


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