Austin at Night

The main reason I went to Austin, to experience it at night with live music, rocking bars and it's art.

Austin Downtown

Spent a lazy day wandering around Austin's Capital Building and University

Austin More BBQ

This is Franklin's Barbecue, the line went around the corner and I needed to wait for an hour to get served. I ordered brisket and pulled pork, currently suffering a meat coma. Franklin is a genius, the food is transcendent and very keto.

Austin Swim and Barbecue

After a relaxing day splashing around at Barton Springs figured it's important to replenish my energy. Nothing could do that better than a Texan Barbecue brisket, sausage and trimmings, very replenishing 😋

Austin Texas

Spent the day a little hungover from antics on 6th Street last night getting a tattoo and doing "essential" antiquing.