USA Road Trip 8 Weeks In

Worked out now I’ve travelled around 9000 Miles in 8 weeks and have just made the city of Bend in Oregon. The highlights are too many to name (scroll through the blog) and it’s amazing what one can achieve with a camera and selfie stick. If I ever use online dating as a means to #lookingformywife I now have plenty of selfies for a profile.

I’ll be spending some time in Oregan and California before flying back to Australia later this month. There is still plenty to do, hikes,, shopping, drives, beers and maybe a tattoo or two.


4 thoughts on “USA Road Trip 8 Weeks In

  1. Gosh, you’ve done a TON over this summer! I’m amazed at how much and how quickly you’ve covered my country; I can imagine you’re driving hundreds of miles each day! Can’t wait to see where the rest of this month takes you!

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