One Week to Go

In the final week before take off to the USA. Looking forward to road tripping and revising many famous sights. This includes the Grand Tetons, Devil’s Tower, Mesa Verde Indian Village and finishing off the day at the Blues Cafe in Memphis.

Most of all looking forward to posting new content and not having mates asking “Haven’t you left already….”


6 thoughts on “One Week to Go

  1. Guess you have heard about Yellowstone being closed. I’ve not heard anything about Tetons being affected, so it must be okay since. They are re-opening the southern region of Yellowstone this week. Grand Tetons is my Tavorite Natl Park. Or maybe it’s Bryce Canyon. Both are pretty spectacular. If you go to Devil’s Tower, you will be close to the Badlands. Very worth seeing.

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    1. Thanks Sheila planning to hit up all of these sights. In Vegas for the next few days then heading north up to Utah then west. Planning to hit South Dakota and Wyoming in the second half of the trip. Love Devils Rose, big fan of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


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