Canaveral Sea Shore

Spent the day bird watching on the Canaveral Sea Shore. Was hoping to see an alligator but no luck, however it's the only place to watch manatee's and has rocket launchers at the end of the beach.

USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach

For those that have been following my blog I've reached half way on Road Trip USA. Coincidentally I have now reached the East Coast, Cocoa Beach in Florida. Starting in Los Angeles I've calculated distance traveled roughly 8300km or 5300 miles. For any hiking buffs I've also managed around 11km per day of huffing and … Continue reading USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach


Rocket by Cocoa Beach

Well that was an interesting way to finish the day. Space X rocket launch

Kennedy Space Centre NASA

Spent the day at Kennedy Space Centre, both an active rocket launch site and museum. The tour is good fun and informative on the history of space travel. It's also a good place to buy "authentic" NASA merch and not what you pick up at department stores like KMART. Live long and prosper

Salvador Dali St Petersburg

Not all just beaches and beers, St Petersburg is a cultural hub and nothing actuates that more than the largest collection of surrealism art. This is Salvador Dali, my mind is blown.