Winchester England

Argh Winchester on a hot summers day where you can view ye olde Norman Cathedral then read psalms from the pulpit. Where the evenings are glorious , clocks shining brightly and find yourself alongsdide King Alfred (the guy who beat the Vikings on the TV show, Vikings) staring into sunset. Then retire to the pub … Continue reading Winchester England

Places I Love – Winchester England

To the right is the statue of King Alfred the Great staring down the sunset on thus street in Winchester

Roaming Southern England – Portsmouth, Brighton and Winchester

Continuing my Roam along the south coast of England from Portsmouth to Brighton and last but not least Winchester. Ive been enjoying more sunshine, taking in more Piers and sharing a few beers with Merlin from King Authurs Court, hope you enjoy the read

A few photos from my recent Roam around Winchester including King Arthur’s Round Table, next stop London