Idaho Falls

I stayed in Idaho Falls for the evening after leaving Yellowstone. The waterfall runs through the centre of town.

Yellowstone Waterfalls

I've been to Yellowstone a few times previously, coming in through the Northern Beartooth Entrance which is now inaccessible due to flooding. This trip I drove through the Eastern Entrance, passing the Smith Mansion, Lakes and the spectacular Upper and Lower Falls, wow.

Sioux Falls

Stopped by the Jolly Green Giant on the way to Sioux Falls South Dakota for a quiet evening (for once).

Iguazu Falls Argentina

While working at home today it was raining outside and TLC accident came on the radio "Don't go chasing waterfalls". I quickly turned the radio off however my mind turned to a place where I went chasing waterfalls. Iguazu on the border of Brazil and Argentina where the water falls so hard it feels like … Continue reading Iguazu Falls Argentina