Road Trip Portland to Walla Walla

Few highlights 2019 roadtrip from Portland to Walla Walla, first Mount Hood for a selfie, then along the mighty Columbus River to Stonehenge. After a cup of tea and biscuits onto Walla Walla for sunset then through fields of gold and gorges. Amazing scenery.

Places I Love – The Turquoise City

I saw the most extraordinary colours at sunset in the Turquoise City with its waterfalls, arch bridge and peaceful vibe. Spokane Washington State

Walla Walla – Washington State USA

I'd just spent the night in the town of Walla Walla and was cruising east when I came across these seemingly endless fields of gold (wheat) Reminds me of beer o'clock hurry up Friday

Spokane Washington State USA

Spokane the turquoise city

Spokane Washington State USA

Spokane bridge at sunset