Tallin Estonia

During a sunny day in Sydney Covid Lockdown my mind turns to sunny Tallin. It’s fairy like skyline, fantastic tram service and the abandoned prison by the sea. Let’s not forget archery by the wall and selfies with statues such as Communist Leader Lennon. Now that was a fun day and hope to do that again.

Sydney Lockdown

Wandering Sydney yesterday included walking through the usual busy Martin Place and onto closed Pitt Street Shopping Mall. Then swung by NSW State Parliament for a spontaneous Lockdown protest. Last sadly Frankie’s Pizza, the neon sign is still glowing but now closed forever. Frankie’s was opposite my emergency dental appointment, I’m all better now.

Caye Caulker Belize

After leaving the Port of Belize City, the gentle sound of automatic gunfire resonating in the distance, a ferry through a hurricane was on the cards. This is the beautiful island of Caye Caulker with its bright vibrant colours, drive yourself golf carts to the local pub and do it yourself sting ray fishing which is also lot of fun. This all trumps Sydneys current lockdown.

South Africa

I missed the rain in Africa

Costa Rica

Better than Sydney Covid Lockdown is lovely Costa Rica with its amazing beaches and volcanoes. What really worried me however was this monkey maybe taking liberties on my Newtown Jets cap.