Halong Bay Vietnam

Sometimes it’s the right thing to do, go for a canoe through a cave and onto sunset. This is Halong Bay 2017

Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 1

It’s not all sight seeing, travel can also teach you useful mad skills such as

Vietnamese pancake making
Guatemala belt making
Guatemala marshmallow cooking in a volcanic fissure
Horse riding through Argentina
Shooting targets in an old Latvian nuclear missile silo

Impressing travellers with my mad pizza making skills in Bulgaria

I love travel

Places I Love – Hoi An Vietnam

Hoi An lights up at night with thousands of street lamps brightening the town. Here is a small sample

Places I Love – Halong Bay Vietnam

On board one if the cruise on Halong Bay looking to anchor for the night. The environment is simply stunning.

Halong Bay Vietnam

When it was nice to go for a cruise