Santa Cruz California

This is Santa Carla home of the vampires from "Lost Boys". If that sounds familiar it's because the lead song was by Aussie legendary singers Jimmy Barnes and Michael Hutchens. Just as famous back home as that other Aussie rock band ACDC. Ive been bitten by a vampire so before I turn I've decided to … Continue reading Santa Cruz California

Brasov Transylvania Romania

After leaving Dracula Castle I journeyed to the quiet village of Brasov. First was another castle where I took a selfie with a vampire hellhound. Then off to church to grab some holy water for protection against any local vamps. From there I spied Brasovs "Hollywood" sign so I hiked up the mountain to take … Continue reading Brasov Transylvania Romania

Dracula Castle Transylvania Romania

Ahh Transalvania the home of Count Dracula. Wandering the castle I found the well where you can still hear the faint sound of screaming victims. The view of the Carpathian mountains where vampires roam at night. Vlad the Impalers tombstone, don't stand close, last the haunted passage way, tread lightly it's all so scary. The … Continue reading Dracula Castle Transylvania Romania