Daytona Florida

Cruising down to Daytona Beach for the day. First to kick it and rip it in a Nascar then onto Joe’s Crab Shack for PBR beer and fried squid and last but not least Dunkin’ Donuts, the Florida police forces favourite hang out. It t’was 2017 and I do like to go fast.

Austin Texas ACL

Remember festivals I do, this is the ACL a few years ago featuring Radiohead, Mumford and Sons, Willie Nelson, Cage the Elephant, Flume and on stage near me on stage The Foals. Hopefully get to a few festivals this year and back to Texas in a few years

Las Vegas Nevada

I love Las Vegas, the MGM Grand on Memorial Day dancing with thousands of people as Tiesto spins his tunes. Heading past Caesers Palace as the sunsets and the evening starts to pump. Fremont Street with its Neon Lights and beautiful tackiness as people roam up and down drinking Hurricanes. And when the night is done return to where I love to stay, the pretty and pink Flamingo casino. Hopefully will get back there in a few years or so

Signs of Life

It’s easy to get lost driving through the American Desert, and sometimes there are “signs” of life in places forgot. Aliens in Area 51, The Thrift store on Coachella Ave Salt on Sea. An “Allsup” at a gas station outside of Rosewell. And of course Last Vegas casinos that are long dead and buried.

I love a good road trip

Places I Love – New Orleans

I love New Orleans in the evening taking in the New Orleans Cemetery and Louise Armstrong Park with a little bit of Voodoo. Then doing the river walk along the Mississippi as the sun goes down. Onto Jacksons Square and the amazing St Loius Cathereral to visit one of many fortune tellers. Then it’s time for Frenchman and Bourbon Street for some creole cooking, pumping live jazz and slurping on Hurricanes till the sun rises again, amazing