Places I Love – Glacier National Park USA

Looks amazing right, that’s because it is amazing Glacier National Park. It doesnt get much higher in altitude than this place or so many shades of blue.

In Times of Corona

Unfortunately I’m still waiting for a time when I can travel. Isolation and working from home however has allowed me to focus on new skills… such as getting to work in under 30 seconds

Places I Love – Yosemite USA

Hiking around the base of Big Sur in Yosemite… now that was a good year dam you Covid. One day will get back there again

Walla Walla – Washington State USA

I’d just spent the night in the town of Walla Walla and was cruising east when I came across these seemingly endless fields of gold (wheat)

Reminds me of beer o’clock hurry up Friday

Places I Love – Death Valley USA

Yesterday Death Valley recorded the highest temperature on record at 54.4C. I was there this time last year, a relatively chilly 52C.