Places I Love – Caye Caulker Belize

Storm started clearing up as I came into Caye Caulker by ferry. A unique and quiet place surrounded by ship wrecks, reefs and manta rays. It was a very chilled out few days

American Desert Junkers

There is art and beauty in these old American junkers that became lost in the desert a long time ago

Devils Tower Wyoming USA

I don’t know whether it’s genuinely eerie or if it’s Stephen Spielberg’s classic movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” but there is something strange about the the Devil’s Tower. It sits alone in a flat landscape and when I went there I only had prairie dogs for company.

Places I Love – The Andes

As far as bus journies go it doesn’t get more epic than this windy road. It’s the journey across the Andes starting in Salta, Argentina and finishing in the northern town of Cusco, Chile. It’s as beautiful as it is mind blowing

Places I Love – Haiti

The most unique and rare experience I think I’ve had was when I was invited to Haiti by a friend. We went on a 2 day hike somewhere between Port au Prince and Jacmel. Despite the devastation and poverty in the island there is a unique beauty to the place and the people.