South Dakota

I'll be seeing you again real soon, Rattle Snakes in the Badlands and Bison in Custer Park. Then I'll swing by Chief Crazy Horse for a cup of coffee then onto the Presidents George, Tom, Theo and Abe.

Getting “Shredded” for the USA

Recenly I have switched to a Keto diet to get shredded (lose weight) as I am heading to the USA thjs June The diet consists of butter, cheese, eggs, bacon, vodka and selzter. With this strict dietry regimin and daily strolls around the park, kilograms are fading away. A lighter trimmer self means following my … Continue reading Getting “Shredded” for the USA


Preparing for my upcoming trip which will include a stop off in one of my favourite cities, Nashville. Walking under the neon lights on Broadway, dancing in a few Honky-tonks and checking out the home of country music, Rymans Auditorium Last but not least don't forget the Parthenon.

Newtown Jets

Trying to get the hang of videos so posted and event I went to yesterday, Newtown Jets game at my local football field Henson Park. This is as Australian as it gets, the Mighty Newtown Jets Practice for my Roadtrip to the USA in a few months

Bryce Canyon

Preparing for my upcoming trip which will include visiting parks such as Bryce Canyon. Its all so orange and blue, bring water as its hot out there. Can't wait to see it again