Leaving Lagos Portugal in the next few days, it’s not only nature to see but the town. I’m going to miss this place, next onto Morocco with a new blog to follow soon

Roaming Portugal – 2017

This is from my travel around Portugal in 2017, contrasting Porto with Lisbon. Highlights include drinking Port (wine), a fairy tale castle, nightlife and the Benfica football club with their crowd attacking eagle, hope you enjoy

Roaming Haiti – 2012

Roaming about Haiti including hiking, climbing mountains, a beer run and more hiking, hope you enjoy, its not for the faint hearted

Surf’s up on the Algarve today

Roaming Iceland – September 2016

Roaming Iceland 2016, volcanoes, mountains, hot springs, icebergs, beaches, glaciers the list goes on and on. Lets not forget Reykjavik night life, live music, annoying Justin Bieber and dating with the "Incest App", Iceland has something for everyone