Peggy Sue’s Diner

One or the coolest experiences, Peggy Sue's Diner is a must do when travelling between LA and Vegas. I ordered the John Wayne omelette, amazing.

Salvation Mountain

At the Drive Inn

Bombay Beach

Next destination is Bombay Beach which is located on Salton Sea. Elon Musk is apparently looking to purchase property as it's potentially the largest source of lithium in the world. The area is largely abandoned, the Sea formerly a resort area however the water is toxic and it's not safe to swim. Bombay Beach has … Continue reading Bombay Beach


Salvation Mountain

Managed to leave Hollywood after 3 days of fun, kicking off my road trip. The first destination Southern California's Salvation Mountain. Built to celebrate God you can see it's unique and colourful. The reason I know about it is it's featured in the movie "Into the Wild" about a traveller who met an unfortunate end.