Sahara Morocco

Someone mentioned I should try dating on The Internet, no idea how that could possibly work but did come up with a bio. Hi I'm Dave and on weekends I like to adorn myself in blue headress. I prefer horseback but this time I compromised with camel, I love trying new things. I think to … Continue reading Sahara Morocco


Places I Love – The Sahara Morocco

Instead of dreaming about what may be, seize opportunity now before it fades away, then the world opens to endless possibilities And you too may find yourself riding camels through the Sahara, dancing to Bedoin hip-hop, watching an epic sunrise and finding the worlds loneliest thunderbox.

Places I Love – Sahara Morocco

If there is a more spectacular sunrise than that over the Sahara then I need to know what that is. Good morning

Sahara Morocco

The worlds loneliest toilet

Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following Morocco Sahara

Sunrise on the Sahara