Places I Love – The Grand Canyon Arizona USA

It doesn’t get more epic than the Grand Canyon, this was taken in 2016.

Mount Rushmore – South Dakota USA

As the USA heads into July 4 I can’t think of anything more iconic that represents this than Mount Rushmore. This was taken during my road trip across the USA in 2012, a safer time for all travelers.

Places I Love – Sydney Australia

Can’t forget to post a photo of my hometown. This was taken during Australia’s recent bushfire season (which now seems so long ago). The sky is so orange because of the smoke on the Harbour during the crack of dawn. I’m on a ferry going under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House in the distance.

Places I Love – Horseshoe Bend Arizona USA

There is nothing like Horseshoe Bend, it takes a while to drive there but is well worth it

Places I Love – Austin Texas USA

The sunset setting over the Austin City Limits Festival in 2017. The time when the crazy music is about to start.