Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

Chilling at Lighthouse Beach on the way back home

Surf’s Up Port Macquarie

With a cyclone anchored of the coast of Queensland the surf along the East Coast is hectic and dangerous. If you can't surf then hike, these are a few snapshots

Meat Pie Tour North Coast Australia

I've been a fan of meat pies ever since I was a youngin. My first job out of high school was on Bobbin Head Road at the local bakery baking pies. With 20% meat content mixed with gelotine and gravy sauce, there anything more suculent than an Aussie pie. Read on for a few places I … Continue reading Meat Pie Tour North Coast Australia


Port Macquarie at Sunset

Left Sydney for a road trip to Byron Bay. As usual my first stop is Port Macquarie where the sunsets are always fantastic and the meat pies are delicious.

Places I Love – Port Macquarie

Back to work in a few weeks so beforehand figure I'd check out northern NSW. The first stop is my hometown of Port Macquarie. With its amazing beaches and ocean rainforest, it's also the home of Australian body boarding (my cuz was world champ) so is a great place to surf. I ran across friends … Continue reading Places I Love – Port Macquarie