Portland Shopping

It's not my first visit to Portland and there are reasons I keep coming back. I love to shop Downtown, this includes Powell's Bookstore, the worlda largest apparently. Second hand clothes where I can load up on quality double denim. Local art including my new fave robot, and of course a donut or two at … Continue reading Portland Shopping



I'm sick of Sydney lockdown so I'm "teleporting" to Portland. Where I can down a beer at the Garage and then pig out on donuts at Voodoo. Pick up a book at Powell's and then get a manly man tattoo at Atlas. And when it's time to chill go and sniff the roses, there is … Continue reading Portland

I Love You Portland

Out of all the places in the USA the one I love mostest is Portland Oregon. With your amazing live music (love you Dandy Warhol's), Mac and Cheese via the Timbers, sniffing the roses, getting a tattoo at Atlas, hiking the forest, pigging out at Voodoo donuts, denim vintage shopping on Hawthorne, and days end … Continue reading I Love You Portland

Roaming the USA 2019 – Seattle to Portland

Endless Roaming

If you have been reading my website at endlessroaming.com you would be aware that I have been blogging and photographing my 8-month road trip around the world in 2019. This is the final leg, my 4 week journey in the USA starting with the Pacific Northwest. I hope you enjoy the read.

The USA is my favourite country to travel, I have three reasons for this (there are many more), FIRST I love road trips and whilst there are many countries to drive about including my own Australia, in my experience there is nothing comparable with the roadways crossing the USA whether its the famous Route 66, Highway 1, the Blue Ridge Parkway…. the list goes on. SECOND the National Park Service, there are so many national parks and the NPS make these easily accessible, there is also so much diversity of parks whether it’s the Grand Canyon, Smoky Mountains…

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Roaming the USA 2019 – Seattle to Portland

My latest blog traveling to the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Drinking coffee and chewing gum in Seattle, then the Greyhound down to my beloved Portland to watch soccer, go to a gig, shop for vintage clothes, drink lots of local brews and a new tattoo, please read on