New Orleans

During Sydney’s Covid lockdown and one too many sherry’s on a long weekend holiday my mind turns to New Orleans. This is another place that also causes hangovers. Bourbon and French Street drinking Hurricanes, getting my “shoess shined” along the mighty Mississippi. Listening to buskers down at Louis Armstrong Cemetery and having my fortune read at St Louis Cathedral, “If you keep drinking you get a hangover”. Have a good Monday, I’m going for a fry up.

Lagos Portugal

During Sydney Lockdown my mind turns to my home away from home, Lagos. With its beautiful warm beaches and strange rock formations (perfect for selfies). The green building in the main square, surf it up at the local beach and fend off pirates at the Medievil Fair. Lagos is amazing, in particular Sagres with Mango cordial, helps accentuate the flavour of Portugese beer 😉

Bucharest Romania

In Covid Lockdown and Sydney’s sunny day turns to rain my mind turns to beautiful Bucharest. This includes the worlds heaviest building, Parliament House. Walking the magnificent old town, a first class taxi service and quality coffee at the mall. Love you Bucharest


While in Sydney Lockdown with a wee hangover and heading to work in the loungeroom, my mind turns to Savannah. Walking the Savannah River as sunset, heading to a bar, the next day wandering historical Old Town hungover to the Capitol. Then Fort Jackson to watch people shoot cannons. Now that’s the way to spend the day hungover

Dubrovnik Croatia

During Sydney Lockdown my mind turns to the city of Dubrovnik in the summer. Such a beautiful place to spend some time with its city walls, cobbled streets and beautiful views. Will head back there again one day