Road Trip Portland to Walla Walla

Few highlights 2019 roadtrip from Portland to Walla Walla, first Mount Hood for a selfie, then along the mighty Columbus River to Stonehenge. After a cup of tea and biscuits onto Walla Walla for sunset then through fields of gold and gorges. Amazing scenery.

I Love You Portland

Out of all the places in the USA the one I love mostest is Portland Oregon. With your amazing live music (love you Dandy Warhol's), Mac and Cheese via the Timbers, sniffing the roses, getting a tattoo at Atlas, hiking the forest, pigging out at Voodoo donuts, denim vintage shopping on Hawthorne, and days end … Continue reading I Love You Portland


Oregan Coastline USA

Driving the Oregan Coast

Mt Hood Oregan USA

That's one big climb... think I'll drive instead

Bend Oregan USA

Relaxing by the river before heading to Bend Brewfest