Santa Fe New Mexico

Spent a few days exploring Santa Fe including checking out art galleries, shopping and experiencing local dishes. The green chilli is very spicy.

Meow Wolf Santa Fe

This is Meow Wolf Art installation in Santa Fe. It's an immersive and interactive art display you can walk through. It very much reminded me of going to physcodelic rave parties in the 90s and early 2000s. Kinda like the Fridge nightclub in Brixton or Cyberdog in Camden, it's really trippy and fun.


Aliens USA

As I prepare for my roadtrip across the USA I reflect on previous journies that influenced me. This included first contact with aliens in Nevada and New Mexico. Driving through Area51 along the Extraterristrial highway to Roswell and the Alien Science Museum. Adventure isn't just about fun but also learning about what else is out … Continue reading Aliens USA

Turquoise Trail Route 66

Cruising between Albuquerque and Santa Fe New Mexico you will find yourself on the Turquoise Trail. Old Route 66 where you can get your fortune read, open roads and a vista of views. Finally take a seat and watch an oncoming locomotive at the ghost town picture theatre. It's all kinda surreal.


During Sydney's Covid Lockdown my mind turns to Albuquerque. Start by doing the "Breaking Bad" tour, and no there aren't samples. Then go watch the balloons at the Fiesta which is magical. Find rockets at the Nuclear Museum, check out local art inspired by Route 66 and go see a band like Catfish. As Walter … Continue reading Albuquerque