Aliens USA

As I prepare for my roadtrip across the USA I reflect on previous journies that influenced me. This included first contact with aliens in Nevada and New Mexico. Driving through Area51 along the Extraterristrial highway to Roswell and the Alien Science Museum. Adventure isn't just about fun but also learning about what else is out … Continue reading Aliens USA

Las Vegas Nevada

I love Las Vegas, the MGM Grand on Memorial Day dancing with thousands of people as Tiesto spins his tunes. Heading past Caesers Palace as the sunsets and the evening starts to pump. Fremont Street with its Neon Lights and beautiful tackiness as people roam up and down drinking Hurricanes. And when the night is … Continue reading Las Vegas Nevada

Places I Love – Las Vegas

I love old Las Vegas down on Fremont with its neon signs. Sure stay on the Strip but there is something quirky and cool about Downtown. Hopefully when Covid is done and dusted can visit there again.

Alien Investigation USA

With all the craziness going on in the USA right now I figure it's time to focus on more serious issues, Alien Investigation, the ultimate Roamers of the galaxy. Attaches is a detailed account and photo collage of my travel through Nevada and New Mexico cataloguing conclusive proof that we are not alone I found … Continue reading Alien Investigation USA

Places I Love – Death Valley USA

Yesterday Death Valley recorded the highest temperature on record at 54.4C. I was there this time last year, a relatively chilly 52C.