Las Vegas Strip Seeya

Seeya Vegas, time to head home

Pool Party Vegas Style

What better (and expensive) way to say goodbye to America than a pool party. Went with a few mates and met plenty of people, the DJ Alesso wasn't half bad either.

Hoover Dam

That's one big bloody dam

Fremont Street Las Vegas

Pawn, light shows, clowns and sharks are a few things I found delightful on Fremont Street. Found the Elvis Chappel, been a long time since I was married there and still can't find my wife. The bars as usual were tremendous, thank you Fremont Street

Las Vegas Last 5 Days

Thank you Las Vegas it's been a fun five days though my liver disagrees. Bailing out of here tomorrow and heading bush (north to Utah). Lot of dancing around, meeting old mates and making new friends. Watching July 4 from my hotel overlooking the fireworks, parks, pools and a little antiquing. Hope to be back … Continue reading Las Vegas Last 5 Days