Preparing for my upcoming trip which will include a stop off in one of my favourite cities, Nashville. Walking under the neon lights on Broadway, dancing in a few Honky-tonks and checking out the home of country music, Rymans Auditorium Last but not least don't forget the Parthenon.


As I look at my recently acquired cowboy boot collection, purchased online during Covid Lockdown, my mind turns to Nashville. Getting drunk on Moonshine in a Honky-tonk and eating barbecue. Doing a tour of Ryman Auditorium, hanging at the CMA and watching Billy Ray Cyrus (the better Cyrus) live followed by line dancing. Will return … Continue reading Nashville

Nashville Tennessee

I love Nashville visiting the Grand Ole Opry where Country music started, Country Museum Hall of Fame with its interesting exhibits. Onto the Titans for a game then boot skooting and moonshine at one of the many Honky Tonks on Broadway. Mix of photos from 2012, 2014 and 2017

Places I Love – Nashville Tennessee

Not this year but maybe the following I hope to kick it off travelling in a city like Nashville Tennessee Where you can go boot skooting in a Honky Tonk downing moonshine or you find yourself at the Country Music Awards listening to Billy Ray Cyrus. There are the beautiful neon lights on Broadway and … Continue reading Places I Love – Nashville Tennessee

Places I Love – Nashville Tennessee USA

The world is focusing on the USA right now so while that's going on thought I'd post a few photos of my love for Nashville. These images are from 3 trips over 8 years, Broadway, Roberts Westworld, the Titans and the amazing Johnny Cash