Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following Morocco Sahara

Sunrise on the Sahara

Roaming Essaouira

This is my final installment from Roaming about Morocco, finally made it to the coast for some shopping, beach and a hidden bar behind a big black ominous door, Essaouira proves to be another highlight, hope you enjoy

Roaming the Sahara

Hello my adventure through the Sahara, from the bus through the Atlas Mountains, experiencing Game of Thrones city, visiting Dades Gorge, camel riding and sunrise on the Sahara. Not to forget the loneliest toilet in the world and visiting Tattooine on another world. Such a lovely experience and hope you enjoy the blog. PS if you have any travel ideas let me know, heading out of the UK in a few weeks and its either East or West.....

Roaming Cadiz Spain to Marrakesh Morocco

My latest blog, I managed to finally leave Lagos, got the flu in Cadiz, crossed the Straights of Gibraltar and experience the exotic and not so quiet Marrakesh. Hope you enjoy the blog