Glacier National Park

My trip planning is underway, in the meantime here a few pics from my trip to the USA in 2019. Glacier National Park Montana, it's a long way aways from anywhere but so worth it. Climbing the Peak was a pain in the ass, see you again soon.

Glacier National Park

On a rainy Covid lockdown Sydney Day my mind turns to Glacier National Park. Few snaps of hiking though the park in 2019, one of the most scenic and spectacular environments I've been fortunate to experience. Truly bonza 👊

Places I Love – Glacier Park USA

In Montana you can find one of America's most amazing and wonderous parks, Glacier. It's far away from cities and people and is truly spectacular, I love it.

Places I Love – Beartooth Pass USA

Early in the morning I found myself standing at the edge of a glacier viewing the mountains of Montana. This is the top of Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone National Park is in the opposite direction

Places I Love – Glacier National Park USA

Looks amazing right, that's because it is amazing Glacier National Park. It doesnt get much higher in altitude than this place or so many shades of blue.