St Louis On the Way Out

Glad I had a night off and stayed in the hotel. A rare as storm hit At Louis this morning, I was up at 630 and out the door by 7 to escape being locked in St Louis for the night. After driving through 100 miles of torrential winds and storms made it to Tennesse … Continue reading St Louis On the Way Out

St Louis City Museum

This was unexpected, I hit up the City Museum, it's a repurposed old abandoned warehouse full of the weird and wonderful

St Louis Downtown

St Louis is a beautiful city with beautiful old architecture and quality live music

St Louis Arch

This is the St Louis Arch, it stands around 200 metres tall. The museum details the history of the Arch and the ride to the top is cramped however the view is worth it. I guess I'll read up on it when my trip is over, all I know is it is one or the … Continue reading St Louis Arch

Route 66

After Tulsa spent the day jumping on and off Route 66 on the way through to St Louis. Drove past some weird and wonderful stuff.