I love Borneo where you can dive in the crystal blue waters, then eating fish at the market. Where you find the stinking corpse flower that blooms every 7 years or so. Walking through the jungle then over it on a suspension bridge then experiencing a dark orange sunset. All the colours are brilliant, the jungle and people are too. See you again one day

Places I Love – Borneo

In a year or two when it’s safe to do planning to hit the road again for a little while. When you can and got an inclining to travel do yourself a favour and head to Borneo, the diving is magic and sunset is something special

Places I Love – Borneo

As I trekked through the jungle past amazing wildlife, the blooming stinking corpse flower and along the canopy walk, all I could think was

… I really need a beard trim

Places I Love – The Jungle Borneo

When going bush (Aussie slang for hiking outdoors) in Borneo I came across something special. This is the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia arnoldii, it is very rare, can take up to 7 years to bloom then collapses and dies after 4 days. Male and female plants need to be grouped together and rely on bugs to cross germinate, a rare event as they are not bisexual.

You may know it however as the Stinking Corpse flower, it smells of pungent human flesh…. now that was an amazing day, I think it’s time again to go bush…

Kota Kinabalu Borneo

Endless perfect sunsets in Kota