In Times of Corona

Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a time when I can travel. Isolation and working from home however has allowed me to focus on new skills... such as getting to work in under 30 seconds

Isolation in Time of Corona

After the recent discover of my new found "Passion" for jogging I decided to step it up to something a little more intense, cross country. Cross country for the uninitiated brings all the boring elements that is jogging and adds a few extras such as hills, snakes and rocks to trip over and hurt oneself. … Continue reading Isolation in Time of Corona


Isolation in Time of Corona

Since isolation started I have had to give up two of my favourite things, travel and pubs. Instead I've had to resort to a new boring chore to get me out of the house, it's called jogging. Not only is jogging boring, uninteresting, bad for the knees and pointless as I own a car. It … Continue reading Isolation in Time of Corona

Isolation in Times of Corona

As I can't travel and I'm going a little stir crazy I've decided to convert my Holden Commodore into a portable hotel. It looks like the Australian borders will be opening again sometime in June (touch wood) and I can get out on the road again. An Esky, a few blankets and beer, presto I'm … Continue reading Isolation in Times of Corona

Isolation In Time of Corona

I thought during these strange times its important to celebrate the little things such as my birthday, so here goes Happy birthday to meHappy birthday to meHappy birthday dear .... meHappy birthday to me And Happy birthday to Shannen Doherty PS Happy Easter