Santa Cruz Guatemala

On a rainy Sydney day I think of travel and another life. This includes spending time at the amazing Mayan village of Santa Cruz on Lake Atilan. Seemingly a million miles from anywhere I sailed across the volcanic lake and hiked up the mountain to the town square. Spent the afternoon mastering the art of … Continue reading Santa Cruz Guatemala


Antigua Guatemala

Walking the beach today I stubbed my toe so my mind turns to Antigua Guatemala. With its vista of views, markets, historic buildings and cobbled streets it's another place I stubbed my toe. Be sure to check it out and if you get a chance roast a marshmallow at the nearby volcano.

Experiences I’ve Enjoyed Travelling PT 1

It's not all sight seeing, travel can also teach you useful mad skills such as Vietnamese pancake making Guatemala belt making Guatemala marshmallow cooking in a volcanic fissure Horse riding through Argentina Shooting targets in an old Latvian nuclear missile silo Impressing travellers with my mad pizza making skills in Bulgaria I love travel

Places I Love – Tikal Guatemala (keyboard malfunction)

6 months before the end of the world (December 2012) I found myself in Machu Picchu at the crack of dawn, bribing the guards to gain entry and watch the sunrise with thousands of howler monkeys screaming at me. Now that was an experience

Places I Love – Tikal Guatemala

It was in July 2012 when I found myself in Tikal. December 21 later that year according to the Mayan Calendar was the world ending. Fortunately we are all still here even if we are struggling a little in 2020. We'l get through it, enjoy Sunday.