Working from home today I look at my lamp and my mind turns to lighthouses. Creepy looking lighthouses when I filter them in black and white. So hear are a few of my faves. Oregan Coastline Cape Blanco St Augustine Americas oldest city Whitby home of Dracula (Bram Stoker) Cape of Good Hope South Africa … Continue reading Lighthouses


While in Sydney Lockdown with a wee hangover and heading to work in the loungeroom, my mind turns to Savannah. Walking the Savannah River as sunset, heading to a bar, the next day wandering historical Old Town hungover to the Capitol. Then Fort Jackson to watch people shoot cannons. Now that's the way to spend … Continue reading Savannah

Tblisi Georgia

I've got Georgia on my mind Walking the beautiful streets of Tblisi

Batumi Georgia

The Ferris wheel really lights up

Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following Batumi Georgia

Beautiful Batumi at night