Working from home today I look at my lamp and my mind turns to lighthouses. Creepy looking lighthouses when I filter them in black and white. So hear are a few of my faves.

Oregan Coastline Cape Blanco
St Augustine Americas oldest city
Whitby home of Dracula (Bram Stoker)
Cape of Good Hope South Africa
Byron Bay (surf’s up dude)
Batumi Georgia on the Black Sea
Tabert Island Ireland
Point of Ayr Wales


While in Sydney Lockdown with a wee hangover and heading to work in the loungeroom, my mind turns to Savannah. Walking the Savannah River as sunset, heading to a bar, the next day wandering historical Old Town hungover to the Capitol. Then Fort Jackson to watch people shoot cannons. Now that’s the way to spend the day hungover

Tblisi Georgia

I’ve got Georgia on my mind

Walking the beautiful streets of Tblisi

Batumi Georgia

The Ferris wheel really lights up

Endless Roaming 2019 – Thanks for Following Batumi Georgia

Beautiful Batumi at night