USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach

For those that have been following my blog I've reached half way on Road Trip USA. Coincidentally I have now reached the East Coast, Cocoa Beach in Florida. Starting in Los Angeles I've calculated distance traveled roughly 8300km or 5300 miles. For any hiking buffs I've also managed around 11km per day of huffing and … Continue reading USA Road Trip Half Way Complete Cocoa Beach


Austin More BBQ

This is Franklin's Barbecue, the line went around the corner and I needed to wait for an hour to get served. I ordered brisket and pulled pork, currently suffering a meat coma. Franklin is a genius, the food is transcendent and very keto.

Austin Swim and Barbecue

After a relaxing day splashing around at Barton Springs figured it's important to replenish my energy. Nothing could do that better than a Texan Barbecue brisket, sausage and trimmings, very replenishing 😋